My name is Tyler Mangum. With a passion for quality, and a personal challenge for excellence in everything, I offer the best live production I can to our Lifebridge congregation.

Technology and problem solving have always been two of my favorite things, so taking on a lively hood focused on merging both together was a no brainer. I started in production serving within the church at about 8, got lucky enough to find a few guys that really knew what they were doing and learned as much as I could from them.

I grew up playing instruments (mainly drums) and learning all I could about audio specifically, and eventually the other parts of production too. It wasn't until I was in my late teenage years that I realized that my skill set is often very much needed and very much neglected or too expensive for the church world. I realized that many churches either don't have the money to pay a professional or they don't see the need for the skill set because of whatever reason. So I set out on a freelance career path specifically catering to churches and what they needed for a price that they could afford.

During this time of my life I found a large number of people who felt the same way, and took the time to teach me and build me up. I grew a bigger heart for God's people and an even stronger desire to do all things excellently unto Him.

My path leading through the production industry and to Lifebridge church has been a crazy ride, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Feel free to stop me around the church sometime and ask me more about it if you want!