I was born in Nashville, Tennessee and grew up in the wonderful city of Saint Louis, Missouri! I am the oldest child of five and each of my siblings is also serving in local ministry. My family has been in ministry serving the church since before I was born, my dad being a worship pastor most of his life, was one of the biggest influences on my love for ministry and worship along with Rich Mullins and David Crowder. 

I went to a college in Joplin, Missouri called Ozark Christian College and studied Christian Ministry and Leadership. I've felt God's call to serve His people since I was a little kid and each day I'm blown away at how incredible it is to be apart of the local church. It is truly amazing how God can use messy and broken people to do incredible, life-giving things together. 

My greatest passion is to be apart of expanding the Kingdom in raising up disciples who live a life of worshipping their maker in everything they do. I believe God has extraordinary things ahead for Lifebridge and I am honored we get to see the story written before our very eyes. 

Love our Lifebridge family!

ZACK MOODY Creative Arts Coordinator


Creative Arts Coordinator